Congi x Quantum Soul – Paragon (12″ Vinyl)


“The Congi & Quantum Soul collaboration ʻParagonʼ encapsulates an epic presence all around, well formed atmospheric vocals couple the militant drum work. Paragon carries a pungent low end pressure that must be felt on a proper sound system”.
– Trusik

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Newly Signed to Pressed Records, Deep & Tribal Dubstep duo ʻCongiʼ are set to release their debut 12” Single on ʻPressed Recordsʼ entitled ʻParagonʼ featuring ʻQuantum Soul.ʼ
The talented Producer/DJ duo display their ability to seamlessly cross boundaries between Deep Dubstep, Tribal and Jazz influence based sound- structures.

Rapidly becoming established as one of the leading names on the Dubstep circuit, their sophisticated approach to music production has earned them releases on a wide variety of venerated labels such as: Innamind Recordings, Deep Heads and more recently Chord Marauders with their critically acclaimed debut album ʻTidal Fragmentsʼ in February 2014.

With their production gaining full support by the likes of Vivek (Rinse Fm/ System Music), Gantz (Innamind Recordings, Deep Medi), Joe Nice (Gourmet Beats), Phaeleh, Bun Zero, Geode, Syte and many more, Congi maintain and represent an inspiring approach to Dubstep within a new wave of deep electronic music.
Congiʼs repertoire continues to expand with radio play being featured and broadcasted on BBC Radio6, Rinse, Fokus and Rood Fm radio shows.

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